Scenic Solutions with Impact

Impact Group is your creative team of designers, artists, and craftspeople ready to design and construct just about anything you can imagine.

Broadcast & Media Set Design & Fabrication

Whether you are a director, designer, or production company, Impact Group will design and construct just about anything you can imagine.

Corporate Event Design & Production Services

Today’s corporate events and meetings have evolved from basic company gatherings into full-scale, theatrical productions with unlimited imagination and creativity.

Impact Group is your creative partner who understands the importance of mixing high impact visuals with the latest technology, what we refer to as corporate theatre, to create extremely successful corporate event productions.

Exhibit & Marketing Displays

Designing and creating eye-catching exhibit displays can be tricky. Many times, you have only seconds to grab people’s attention to intrigue them enough to want to learn more about your product or promotion.

Museum Services

Making your vision reality is our mantra. When you work with Impact, you join forces with a collective group of highly creative people who are as passionate about the success of your project as you are.

Stage Set Design & Fabrication

Set the stage for your next event, meeting, or theatrical program with a design that’s fresh, inviting, and affordable.  Whether you rent a stage set or have one fabricated, our set designs are easily customized to fit your stage size, program format, and budget.

Ready to Rent

Basketball Theme Decor & Props

Bar & Catering Stations
Sports Bar Entrances
Sports Theme Stage Sets


Determine the project objectives and goals.
Discuss scope of services needed.
Share your “inspiration” photos or ideas.
What is custom or available to rent?
Discuss agreement of fees & services.
What is your budget?

When is your project due?
Any logistical challenges to consider?

Set deadlines
Set due dates for proposal & design ideas.
Set a deadline for the order’s confirmation.
Establish a preliminary production schedule.


Design & Develop
Your project goes to the design table.
Estimates, artwork, and documents are created.
Detailed information is discussed with client.

Client Feedback & Approval
After revisions, the client approves proposal.
Your project heads to production.


Production schedule is established and finalized.
Artists and craftspeople begin work.
Impact team works closely together;
following each project’s specifications.

It’s Time To Deliver Your Final Product.
Our staff handles any logistical challenges.
Delivered on time and within budget.

Nationwide labor services available.

Contact us about your next project.