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Who We Are


We’ve been called a lot of things…behind-the-scene ninjas, amazing artists and craftspeople, lifesavers, problem solvers, event wizards, even chameleons.  Most of the time, we are simply called “The Impact Team” – a dedicated team of artists and craftspeople ready to design, create and install just about anything you can imagine.

As a full-service scenic arts studio, Impact Group Scenic Arts Services is passionate about bringing each of our clients’ conceptual visions to life.

We’ve worked with architects, event planners, hotel and convention coordinators, video producers, venue owners; anyone requiring impressive scenic visuals.

Whether you need a few props for a high school theatre performance or a massive corporate stage set, we understand the aesthetic importance of integrating visuals with color, texture, and design into each project to make it as unique and different as possible. No detail is overlooked; every project is meticulously processed so that the end results are always quite extraordinary.

Our Employees

As a small company, our synergetic team is diversified, talented, and experienced enough to create, manage, and produce quite extraordinary products with equal customer service. Each employee brings diverse work and personal experience to our company, with passion for their work and a desire to assist our clients in meeting their project goals and objectives.

We are passionate about our work, have a deep commitment to quality, and most importantly, a profound desire to offer each client creative solutions that bring their visions to life.

What Drives Us?

As a service-based company, we strive to offer an affordable, unique blend of visual services and equipment to our clients while creating a meaningful and rewarding working environment for our employees.

Our goal is simple. Help you design an experience or product that delivers the most “Impact” possible.

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We look forward to hearing more about your projects and how we can assist you.

Give us a call at: 317-636-7387 or email us at: info@impactgroupinc.com