Rental Collections

We are a very different type of rental company

Impact Group’s artists and craftspeople create some of the most amazing, eclectic props, scenery, and décor available in the Midwest rental market.

Not only do we offer unique products to rent we also offer design services to show our clients how to incorporate our rentals into their event or promotion spaces.

With over 20,000 square feet of warehouse to explore, we are also a great resource for video producers, theatrical directors, prop masters and production assistants.

There’s a good chance we have something already in the warehouse waiting to be used for your next production or event.

Our Location:

2702 Applegate Street – Indianapolis, IN 46203
(just south of Garfield Park at the intersection of Nelson & Applegate Streets)

Our Hours:

8am–5pm Monday through Friday

Please call in advance and schedule an appointment to meet with one of our project managers to tour the warehouse or discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have a showroom?

We do not have a showroom, however, we invite you to meet with our staff and tour the 20,000 square foot warehouse. Most of our inventory is stored, so we highly recommend contacting one of our project managers in advance so props and scenery specific to your project are setup for consideration.

Are complete catalog listings available for everything in our inventory?

Since each client’s project is considered “custom” to us, and many of our clients are out-of-town, our project managers email curated collection lists of props, scenery, and designs specific to your project needs. These listings include photos, dimensions, and rental prices tailored to your project. In addition, our designers may provide renderings and other supporting documents to assist with your product selections.

How do I know if items are available on the dates and times when I need them? Can I tentatively reserve props until my plans confirm?

Contact our project managers to ask if your specific items are available on the dates you need them. If the items are available, we will tentatively reserve them for you until your project’s details are finalized. If other clients request the same equipment on your event date, we will contact you to confirm (or release) your reserved equipment.

May I pick up and return rental equipment?

Each rental item is unique. While some props and scenery are easy to assemble and transport, other items require our staff to deliver, set-up, and disassemble them. Our project managers will help you determine what items are “user friendly” (i.e. easy to transport and set-up yourself) and what items may require our staff to handle.

Does Impact Group offer delivery/pick up services?

In most cases, our installers deliver, set-up, and disassemble our items since we know how our products go together. This labor service is an additional charge that will be quoted to the client once we receive more information on your project’s specifications.

Will you ship rental items to other cities, states; even internationally?

Due to the unique sizes of our rental props and scenery, not all rental items are shippable.

Impact Group provides our labor services to transport, deliver, set-up, and strike rental items anywhere in the United States and internationally.

Please contact us for more information on what items are shippable to your location, or what costs may be involved for Impact Group to deliver our products to you.

Get inspired! Browse through some of our most popular theme collections below.

Complete theme prop listings are available upon request.


Give us a call at: 317-636-7387 or email us at: